im just

fox news is _______ ITSELF about some surveillance video where a burglar looked into a baby crib (with the baby inside) while robbing someones house


he literally just looked at the _____ baby and the way theyre reporting it is as if he stole it

but NO he just looked at it?? and theyre saying its every parent’s nightmare, and how its shocking to parents

he did


While I think Fox News is a load of crap (I’ve been trying to find a channel that plays it, as I don’t get the comedy channel and I love stuff like this) I do think they have a point.

Let’s say that there was a similar incident in your house (not specifically ldeefixe, but the reader) and some dude randomly walked into your bedroom the middle of the night. He goes right up to you. He shines a flashlight on you so he can observe you better. When he gets bored, he leaves.

Granted nothing happened, but you still got observed. Your safety has been violated because you were in a position where this guy could have done any freaking thing he wanted. You were vulnerable.

Also, raise your hand if your parents/guardians would go completely bat-crap if some guy snuck into the house and just decided to stare. 

I’ve seen other news stories on this one, and while I haven’t heard how far they took it…

There is actually validity.

Book Idea

Has this idea been taken?

I’m thinking about writing a piece (casually, as I like my novel idea too much) where a villain from a fantasy book (a tragic type) finds out on his journey of revenge that he lives in a fantasy book and that the one who is the real killer is the author of the book. (Not Homestuck style, but like how you could blame Suzanne Collins for killing off Rue) Because of this, he enters our world to find the author and comes across the biggest fangirl ever and the two make an unlikely pair (not romantic, but partners).

Also, does this sound good?


They’re nameless, but these are them. (Not order of appearance btw….)